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About the game

As the legend says: "In the abyss is swallowed up the knowledge of the old gods."


In Underwater Diving, you are an underwater diver surrounded by aggressive fish and mines.
Collect the black corals to clean the idols.
Once all the idols have been cleaned, the exit will be free. But be careful, leaving a level is a one-way trip. So you have to be careful not to leave anything interesting behind either.
Explorers will be rewarded!
Collect energy bushes, which in addition to filling your energy gauge will increase its maximum. But above all find the precious red corals, the only way to increase the level of the diver and therefore all its characteristics.
If during the first levels you can and must both dodge and flee confrontations. You will have to become stronger to face the dangers and the immensity of the last levels. Labyrinthine levels that put your sense of direction to the test.

USP: Your energy represents both your life, your stamina and your oxygen.


  • Your energy represents both your life, your stamina and your oxygen.
  • You will have to improve your characteristics to survive.
  • Face underwater creatures and their unique hunting strategies.
  • Explore and get lost in labyrinthine levels.
  • More than 50 achievements.
  • At least 4h to complete the game at 100%.

The DEMO contains Tutorial level + The first 4 levels.

Designer's notes

The estimated time to finish the game is the time it takes me to finish it 100%.
So it will take you at least twice as long.
For the content of my games, I always prioritize quality over quantity.

About releases

Current releases:

  • Available for Windows 64-bit on Steam (December 2023).
  • PRE-ALPHA DEMO 0.78.3 available for Windows 64-bit on Steam.
  • PRE-ALPHA DEMO 0.78.3 available for Windows 64-bit on GameJolt and Itchio.

Last updated on October 11, 2023


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UnderwaterDivingPreAlphaDemo00.78.03_Build13_64bit.zip 33 MB

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Game's really good, love the graphics, and as a diver myself I have to say the physics are on point. Some feedback/suggestions:

- The level up coral is indistinguishable from other corals aside from placement, a brighter hue could help with this.

- Some low volume background music should help the gameplay feel more complete, should keep the focus on the ambient sound and sfx.

- Some algae look cut at the top, dunno if its an issue with how the spritesheet is loaded or just how the graphics are.

- Got lost on where to find the exit on third level an ultimately gave up, I guess thats the idea. 

Mechanics 100/10

Explosive mines 9/10

Very fat fish 10/10

The game is really entertaining, keep it up 💪

Things that happened to me:

Real algae and decorative algae are not visually distinguished well.

Sometimes the fish don't die when you do a Rush

I get lost easily and can't find interest points :c

Thank you for this constructive feedback!

"Real algae and decorative algae are not visually distinguished well."

The idea is that the black corals and red corals hide among the other corals. It's like looking for a four leaf clover. Collecting is automatic, even if you haven't seen it, swimming through you will get visual and audio feedback. This is the exploration part of the game.

"Sometimes the fish don't die when you do a Rush"

In the early game your rush isn't strong enough to kill in one hit. By collecting red corals you will level up and the rush will be more powerful. In the demo, the game is not balanced at all, and the diver becomes powerful quickly. In the final version, you will often have to flee the fights in the first levels.

"I get lost easily and can't find interest points :c"

As I described in game features: "Explore and get lost in labyrinthine levels." :)

Or in the game description: "Labyrinthine levels that put your sense of direction to the test." :))

The levels are designed like the labyrinthine levels of a Dungeon Crawler from the 80s-90s where all the walls were identical. We had to take a paper and a pencil to draw the plan of the level.

You will probably hate level 5 of the next update. ;)

Have a very nice day!

Olivier Raveneau

Mars Touch Studio

Hi! I came across your demo in my Screenshot Saturday post on Twitter. I liked what I saw so much I tracked it down and made a video about it. It's now on my YouTube channel! Your game looks so awesome! 


Thanks for the spotlight!

Awesome idea


Thanks for the spotlight!

The game is much more playable on the Gamepad.

With an analog stick, you can swim in all directions.

You have enough room to swim above the minefield to bypass it.

No need to slalom in the middle of the mines ;)

(In fact, in this demo all minefields are bypassable)

At the end of the video, you managed to collect the black coral hidden in the Dartfish "nest".

I will improve the sound and visual feedback of collecting a black coral in the next version of the game.

Thanks again, seeing another person playing our game is always very informative.

Nice demo! Maybe add some more sprites for the diver. Like every 30 degree to have a more fluid looking of your diver. Movement ist really nice and smooth :D


Thanks for your feedback!

Me too from the beginning the diagonals bother me.

And you are the second person to admit that it bothers her.

I work with assets, so I have big graphic constraints.

Also, I don't like rotating Pixel Art.

But I'm going to do it with the diver and the fish, because it will serve the gameplay well.

I just finished the new version of the diver and it looks pretty good.

Moving your diver is much more pleasant and precise.

The fish will be entitled to the same improvement.

I think PRE-ALPHA 02 will be out next weekend at the latest.

Have a good day!

Great :D Sounds good to me!